Celebrity Athlete Interviews: Hannah Eden

This story about Hannah Eden is meant as a recurring feature to highlight members of the fitness and wellness community who have overcome obstacles, accomplished major feats, and have used their platform to inspire others. Check back later for the next part of the series


From CrossFit Athlete to PumpFit Athlete

Some people donate hundreds of dollars to charity. Hannah Eden runs hundreds of miles for charity.


The 27-year-old U.K. native went from spending her time within the rumbling ultraviolet walls of night clubs in Ft. Lauderdale to spending her time in the gray, battered walls of a CrossFit gym.


After her move across the pond in 2006, it took Hannah Eden years to find her way back to a healthy place. After being “super underweight,” she climbed her way up to a healthier lifestyle – going from 105 pounds to 150 pounds and growing an intimidating set of abs.


“I got into fitness by accident,” Eden said. “A friend invited me to a CrossFit workout and after that, I got really good, really quick.”


When she stumbled upon Crossfit, she accelerated from “0 to 100.” It didn’t take Eden long to get hooked on the thrill, as most people do.


“I put the work in, and I would continue to get better,” she said. “I got hungry and wanted to continue.”


A passion for HIIT

Her two years of CrossFit were just the start of her Floridian fitness career. Her next step was creating something of her own – and PumpFit Club was born. On December 1, 2015, Eden and her husband Paulo Barreto’s vision came to life – a gym with equal tenacity as Crossfit, but with a safer, sustainable spin.


The couple, along with several other trainers, offers almost every kind of high-intensity interval training (HIIT)-style group class you can think of in their “brick-and-mortar” corner of Ft. Lauderdale. Classes include kettlebells, circuits, tabata, and more.


The difference between PumpFit and CrossFit besides the first half of the title? PumpFit doesn’t have any of the “scary exercises.”


“A lot of my friends were scared of CrossFit, so I eliminated the barbell,” Eden said. “HIIT opens the door up for everyone… longevity is key.”


A Cause Bigger than Hannah Eden

Longevity is the key indeed for Eden. Although she teaches 50-minute classes at PumpFit, you’d never guess that was the case if you knew she had run five days straight through the streets of Haiti.


The five-day endeavor was painful, according to Eden. “I was very unprepared… my body broke down before my mind did,” she said.


But nevertheless, she persisted – and for good reason. Eden’s friend Ashley Horner branded the idea and invited Eden along for the ride. The mission of her trek was to was to raise money for Maison Fortune Orphanage Foundation. The foundation lives to serve and educate the children of Hinche, Haiti. Eden’s goal was $28,000. She raised twice the amount.


Her philanthropy doesn’t just reach the Caribbean. Her next stop is Iceland, and she has an even bigger goal in mind – and a purpose that goes beyond the surface.


In just a couple of weeks, Eden will venture the 828.6-mile Ring Road of Iceland. Don’t worry, it’s not just a run this time. She’s bringing along a bike… for some of it.


‘F-you, Cancer’ 

The challenge is in honor of Eden’s late friend, Jessica Boswell. Eden’s goal this time around is to raise $50,000 for her nonprofit in Boswell’s name, Serene Soldier. Her voyage around Iceland is ultimately a giant ‘F-you’ to cancer.


“I did homeless and community work because when we work together, we’re stronger,” Eden said. “But before November of last year, everything I did was for people I didn’t know… it struck me that there was nothing I could do [about Boswell].”


Although she was powerless compared to Boswell’s illness, Eden could not stand idly by. She still wanted to make a difference, a tangible one at that – because in her eyes, “actions speak louder than words,” she said.


Instead of devoting her enormous online reach to post the typical, meaningless physique updates, she used it to open people’s eyes about these causes near and dear to her.


Eden’s been the center of countless photoshoots, and most recently, the cover of Oxygen Magazine. However, the recognition isn’t what keeps her going. For her, it’s about using her platform to spark human connection and make an impact.


“It’s overwhelming to see the power of social media,” said Eden, who has over 300 thousand Instagram followers (and growing). “It’s important to me to push out positive content that’s real… I speak a lot of truth.”


Her content inspires people never to quit and unleash their inner “fierce.” Some of her inspiration even comes in the form of hashtags. You can find almost all of her content tagged with #FYR – which stands for “find your reason.” Right now, Eden’s reason is Boswell.


Fitness advice from Hannah Eden 

Fitness came along and rocked Eden’s world – and Eden responded by rocking the fitness world.


“Life sucks – fitness is about releasing your demons,” Eden said. “Fitness means anything is possible – inside and outside of the gym.”


For those just stepping foot or already waist-deep in the fitness world, Eden urges you to explore and “don’t build blocks.” Instead, make goals. She instructs all her clients to set three goals and define three things they appreciate.


One of Eden’s goals is to slow down. With only 72 hours spent at home this month, she plans to spend some time after Iceland at the place she feels grounded – home.


Besides that, Eden’s three goals are to continue living a healthy lifestyle, build a strong team, and continue Boswell’s legacy.

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