Celebrity Athlete Interviews: Sara Quiriconi

Sara Quiriconi is living free. More specifically, living cancer free.

Sara Quiriconi is currently an author, content creator, life coach and motivational figure. She shares her authentic tips and tricks to eating healthy and traveling the world to her audience of over 17,000 followers. She’s also set to be an author of her first book called “Living {Cancer} Free,” set to come out in early December.

“Yoga was a way for me to heal previous struggles and addictions,” Quiriconi said.

You couldn’t tell from her playful attitude and lively content — but she has battled through more obstacles than your average yoga instructor.

A Rough Start for Sara Quiriconi

College was one of the most significant turning points for Quiriconi. She graduated with honors at college in Boston — but only after dropping out the first time around.

“I was just trying to fit in [by drinking as a teen]…” she said. “When I was in my early 20s, I would just wake up and drink every day…from habit and desire to numb out what I didn’t want to feel.”

Her struggles didn’t just end there.

Graduating and leaving her toxic acquaintances behind wouldn’t be enough to get rid of her addictive behavior once and for all. She found her footing after her teenage years, but turned back to drinking again in her early 20s.

This time around, it wasn’t just the bottle that was ruining her — it was also herself. She was also struggling with anorexia and bulimia to manage her “hidden emotions, unexpressed feelings and self-hatred.”

“I started to use the [eating disorders] as a terrible tool to control my emotions.” she said.

There were several therapy attempts to rid her life of both alcohol and eating disorders. However, therapy wasn’t the “right fit.”

But something clicked one day. “I needed to create a better life for myself,” she said. “So one day, I just stopped.”

Living Free

One day can change a whole life.

Before her addiction struggles, there was an even bigger wrench thrown at her in 2003: Stage 2A Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  This form of cancer severely swells your body’s lymph nodes, which are part of the immune system. Doctors appointments, exams and needles consumed her life. Her treatments were often uncomfortable and often painful.  Coping was even more difficult. Not many people were by her side — only her mom, dad, brother and boyfriend, she said.

“Your whole life stops,” she said. Although cancer was a definitely a devastating blow, she wouldn’t change it if she could.

She believes that each thing that’s affected her has formed her into the person she is today. Cancer, eating disorders and alcoholism were what snapped Sara Quiriconi out of a mentally and physically toxic life.

She delves more into all the nitty gritty parts of her life in her new book “Living {Cancer} Free.” In three parts, Sara Quiriconi describes how cancer impacted her life. Part 1 gives the reader a look in her life before cancer; Part 2 describes what it was like to go through cancer treatment; Part 3 shares the mental and physical tools she developed from her struggles still being used 15 years later.

Turning It Around

Even through the bad, fitness was always a part of Sara Quiriconi’s life. She was always involved in sports and athletics — but it was yoga that gave her a “connected appreciation” for life and her body.

She began practicing in 2008 and hasn’t stopped since. It’s how she found her inner “warrior” spirit, hence her Instagram name: @livefreewarrior.  What she loves most about movement and athletics is its healing qualities in every aspect. “Yoga started to change me mentally,” she said. “It wasn’t just a thing I did, it was a part of me.”

That part of her led her to create the “UNFCK YOUR BODY” series, which is meant to do just what the name says. It’s a video series that comes in versions for office workers, phone addicts, runners and more. There’s also an introductory series for anybody else with aches and pains.

“My healing system is based on on real-world terms and is relatable for for anyone who has never done yoga,” she said. The series, based on natural movements like yoga poses, stretches and myofascial exercises, can act as a DIY physical therapy of sorts, according to Quiriconi. She offers adjustments and exercises that you can do to “unfck your body” at home.

With her series and services, she aims to “keep [fitness] light and make it entertaining,” she said. “And at the same time, you’ll learn something.”  What makes her program unique, she says, is her ability to “heal the body in natural ways.”

Becoming a ‘Live Free Warrior’

With a tribe of enthusiastic followers online, Sara Quiriconi is on a mission to create “warriors” passionate about “relatable and approachable health and wellness.”

To her, the five pillars to living free are these:

  • Choice
  • Intelligence
  • Intuition
  • Play
  • Will

By implementing these values, anybody can become a Live Free Warrior, she argues. “A Live Free Warrior is somebody who knows what they want,” Sara Quiriconi said. That includes knowing how to care for yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. But that’s not all there is to it.

Another piece of life advice she preaches is “stay flexible enough to bend with the wind.”

All of her mantras and insights are a result of having gone through some of life’s worst struggles. But in the end, she came out as a traveler, athlete and inspiration who knows how to tap into her potential.

“Nobody’s going to create change for you,” she said. “You need to positively support the effort.”

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