Celebrity Athlete Interviews: Travis Horn

In a minimal backyard in Las Vegas, Travis Horn is probably performing a stunt that involves stacking rings and boulders and water bottles on rings — and somehow doing a handstand on it. It may raise your eyebrows, but there’s no need to worry about his safety — he’s been at this for seven years.

Flips and tumbles, jumps and handstands are all part of the 29-year-old Vegas native’s daily routine. From dumbbell towers to traffic cones, Horn’s props will never cease to amaze his audience for the first time.


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“The world is my playground” – Travis Horn

Who is Travis Horn?

Horn is tall and burly with a jungly beard and tattoos blanketing his torso. The most conspicuous one being “No Regrets” strung across his chest.

As fiery and intense as his pastime may be, he takes on a calm and soothing persona by day as a massage therapist. But that’s just a fraction of his day.

He wakes up at 4:30 a.m. every day — without an alarm clock — treks to the gym for two hours, rests, then goes to the gym for two more hours. Next, he answers messages from his 65 thousand followers on Instagram and then finally hits his backyard to shoot video of movements that have never even been attempted.

“I’m an artist,” he said. “This is my original Mona Lisa.”

This artist’s social media empire knows him not by Travis — but by “The Balance Guru.”

The Balance Guru hasn’t always totally been about testing the laws of physics. For four years, he was serving the United States on the Marine Corps.

Although his service days are over, those four years instilled values in him that will last a lifetime. The main thing that he’s carried with him from the Marine Corps to Vegas is consistency.

“I do the right thing when nobody’s looking,” he said. “There’s no secret burpee or magic tomato — you have to go workout.”

The Body Manual

This all started with a trip to the gym. Out of the Marine Corps, he noticed all the Bosu and yoga balls were collecting dust. There was a whole world of equipment that compared to an island of misfit toys — untouched were the bosu and yoga balls.

Horn decided he was going to use the equipment that nobody else did — and so his flashy, electric workout style was born.

And for him, it works.

He has trained celebrities all over the world, but that’s not the only demographic he aims to help. In fact, he wants to help “every single human being on planet Earth,” he said. “My intention is just to help people… from toddlers to elders,” Horn said. “I care about them.” His mission is to improve the lives of every demographic through his new e-book, “The Body Manual,” which is more than solely a fitness program.

It’s a way for people to “look how they want, and feel how they want,” he said. It’s a manual full of exercises and stretches to make everyday life easier by changing the way people eat, sleep and live. Horn believes there’s a specific way that people of all ages and genders should move. “The Body Manual” is essentially a “Bible for your body,” according to him.

The Making of a Guru

Horn has gained knowledge of the human body through his massage therapy experience as well as his own research.

“I speak in motion,” he said.

He has taught himself how to pull off every flip, trick and everything else in between that you see on his social media. Horn is “self-made and self-taught,” he said — which makes his art so difficult to ditto.

He has also taught himself how to keep up with his growing online presence. Horn has dedicated years to mastering the craft of being your own agent, photographer and talent. He prides himself on being a “one-man band.”

Despite his bizarre workouts, he said he has never been seriously injured. The Marine Corps brought about many injuries — but the worst after that surprisingly was almost breaking his ankle tripping.

Solely by looking at someone, Horn claims he can spot what physical problems someone may be encountering during their day job. From blackjack dealers to office workers, Horn can quickly eye issues in their walking and posture that most people are blind to. By helping blackjack dealers with wrist pain and office workers with back pain, Horn believes these tweaks can lead everyone to live happier, healthier lives.

“I’m a helper, a nurturer and a carer,” Horn said.

Travis Horn Saves the World

Ultimately, Horn just wants to help as many people as he can — and his goals are all built on that premise. The term “goals” is used loosely — since Horn doesn’t like to think about the future. “Everything happens for a reason,” he said. “I don’t dwell, I don’t sulk, I don’t go backward… there’s always something better.”

The one thing that he can’t help but look into is opening his very own facility. (Specifically, a “movement factory,” he called it.) The factory would focus on getting people to reimagine the way they move and exercise.

Currently, Horn makes his living from working with over 80 different brands that line up with his values and mission. Naturally, he finds a way to balance on nearly all of these products — whether it be water bottles or wheels.

He receives overwhelming positive feedback on social media from people all over the world. He loves what he does because he gets to inspire people by going out to his backyard and creating works of fitness art.

“I’m an underdog — I’m the one who started this,” Horn said. “I can’t stop now.”

Travis Horn is one of the many inductees into the 2019 America’s Best Bodies, leading the charge towards a fit, active and healthier lifestyle. Nominate yourself or someone to enter and be featured at www.americasbestbodies.com.


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